Planning Appeals

Fixed Fee Planning Appeals from £ 395 + VAT

AB Consulting specialises in undertaking planning appeals. We have extensive experience of the many types of planning appeals, from written representations to informal hearings and public inquiries. We can use this experience to offer a cost effective service with written representation appeals starting at £395 plus VAT.

According to the Planning Inspectorate around a third of planning appeals are successful, overturning the planning authority's decision. While we cannot guarantee a successful appeal we do have a win rate much higher than this national average. We take a thorough and professional approach and from the outset will give you an honest and straightforward view on the chance of success.

Our Approach

  • Initial appraisal and advice: when you contact us about your planning refusal we will carry out an initial assessment of the case. Within 2 working days we will advise on the best course of action. At no cost to you.
  • The appeal: once you instruct us to make an appeal on your behalf we undertake the following:
    • Research and review the statutory planning policies and the supplementary planning documents against which the Council has determined the application
    • Research the relevant recent planning history (your site and neighbouring properties)
    • Complete the required appeal forms and certificates
    • Prepare the Grounds of Appeal and Written Representation Appeal Statement
    • Administer the appeal process and liaise with the Planning Inspectorate over the appeal timetable
    • Check and comment on the Council's Appeal Questionnaire (as appropriate)
    • Rebut any further issues raised in the Council's Statement of Case (if necessary)
    • Inform you of the Planning Inspectorate's decision
  • Appeal costs: we offer 2 options for written representation appeals:
    1. £ 395 plus a £ 200 success fee (plus VAT)
    2. £ 495 flat rate (plus VAT)
  • For other types of appeal, due to the greater input required, we would agree an individual competitive fee with you.
  • Timescales: our target is 2 weeks from instruction to submission of the appeal (subject to availability of all relevant information)
  • Site Visit: it is not normally necessary for us to visit the site but should this be required it can be done but will incur additional cost
  • Inspector's site visit: in most cases inspectors visit the site unaccompanied, however if you require us to attend on your behalf if will incur additional costs

For more information on our fixed fee planning appeals, Contact Us or call 01743 341132